About Jeanette

Movement has been the keystone and healing path in Jeanette's life for over 28 years, on both personal and professional levels. After experiencing a sports injury (ACL tear) in her right knee at the age of 14, she was on a path of recovery. Having had two surgeries and not gaining what was lost, she went on to explore physical therapy, strength training, massage therapy and then, the most healing&ellips; yoga. This inspired her to become a fitness instructor at the age of 16. By 20, she was personal training and leading an array of fitness classes.

After receiving her BFA in Communication Arts from Pratt Institute, Jeanette continued to pursue health and healing through movement. First by training to become a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist in 1995 from the Finger Lakes School of Massage, then going on the get her Yoga Teacher Certification from Kripalu in 2004. It was at Kripalu that she fell in love with the freedom, power and grace of Kripalu's Yoga-dance. This generated a passion to learn and experience more types of freedom-based dance and study with great teachers.

Jeanette continues to learn and expand, currently working with therapeutic yoga, Thai yoga and massage. She just enrolled in a 3-year training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

Kripalu Yoga Instructor

NYS Licensed Massage Therapist

Pole & Ecstatic Dance Instructor


Pratt Institute


The Finger Lakes School of Massage


Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training

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